Firm Foundations
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Initially, we were unsuccessful in wining this contract the first time round but the successful contractor went bankrupt and fail to heed our safety warnings.

The semi-detached property is located on a steep slop where the garden backs onto open countryside where the client required a lower level room to enjoy the extensive views.

The rear of the property required underpinning before the concrete structural walls and be completed but no consideration was given to the adjoining property and it’s rear garden.

At the point the contractor went bankrupt the specialist formworker started to excavate along side the adjoining property’s garden with the inevitable result that the garden began to collapse at which point they placed some temporary shoring.

At the best of times it is difficult to complete works started by another contractor but we took the challenge and made plans to safely do on this occasion.

The first steep was to secure the adjoining garden a task made further difficult by the temporary shoring already installed restricting our access.
This was safely completed by installing the sheet piles that we recommended at tender stage which was not an easy task given the limited site access.

The reinforced concrete walls and floor could then be safely installed using high strength fully water proof concrete provided by © Cementaid carefully monitored by their technician.

The reinforced concrete formwork must be carefully installed to provide the correct structure for the construction.

Consideration for the mass forces  of wet concrete must be considered when preparing the timber shuttering, failure at concrete placing time can be disastrous to the development.

Site Address:
1 Chasemore Cottages, Albinger Road, Coldharbour, Surrey.
February 2010
Reinforced Specialist Foundations, New rear extension with semi-basement.