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Specialist Foundations - Underpinning - Piling - Subsidence Surveys
Specialist Foundations - Underpinning - Piling - Subsidence Surveys
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Firstly, I should point out that it is essential you employ a competent firm to undertake such specialist foundation works, their professionalism will be important when selling the property.  We have many years’ experience in these specialist works including a number of similar projects.
With over 25-years experience in all types of specialist foundation designs. We have designed and installed many specialist foundations where there are known ground problems making traditional foundations impossible.  Early identification is essential.
From straight-forward traditional underpinning to complex stabilisation projects.  Underpinning is not restricted to subsidence but often used in conversion projects.
Mini-piled foundations installed ranging from 300 mm Augured piles in clay subsoil or to 275 mm Steel Case Driven piles in granular conditions with possible groundwater.
Basement’s Designed and Created:
We have underpinned many properties to create valuable basement or cellar space.  We can offer a full design and install service for any basement construction.
Subsidence Survey’s and Reports:
Subsidence surveys are available from brief inspection reports to fully detailed site surveys.  The benefits over Engineer’s Report are full budget costing.
Specialist Groundwork Contractors:
Our experience is not restricted to subsidence work but also designing new foundations in difficult subsoil conditions for a variety of construction sites.
Full Foundation Design Package:
Using the latest computer technology we can cope with the most complex project, with ease.  Constantly over viewing and enhancing our service and products.
Project Feasibility Study:
Viability and success of any project depends on careful planning, we are happy to utilise our experience in preparing specialist foundations in difficult ground conditions.
General Enquiries Welcome:
Fully experienced staff available to answer most inquiries to help with any concerns you may have with foundations, where difficult ground conditions may prevent your project.
Whatever your Requirements, Firm Foundations can Provide a First Class Professional  Service