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This contract was a major refurbishment and and conversion of a large 3-storey Victorian property with a semi-basement area. The owners intention was to extend the basement area into a large extension at the rear.

Our client chose Firm Foundation as we were able to offer a full design and build service for the specialist foundations required.

Being part of a semi-detached building with further buildings close to the construction area and therefore subject to The London Building Act. The party wall surveyor was concerned for the stability of the adjoining property just 1-metre away from the proposed construction.

We were able to satisfy them by carefully installing trench sheets concreted in place to temporary support the ground while the deep piers are constructed.

The entire foundations are constructed in short sections where each one acts a retaining on curing allowing the basement to be constructed safely.

Each pier is installed in two parts the first being the foundation toe forming the reinforced upstand followed by       
fully shuttered concreting to form the walls.

Once all the piers are complete the internal ground level can be reduced to the basement invert level at which point any internal load bearing wall foundation can be constructed.

Finally laying the ground floor slab completes the foundation structure where as a none specialist work can be carried out by the main contractor.

As with all domestic projects space is limited for the bulk excavations and materials required, this we do very effectively where we believe a tidy site is a safe site.

Once our work is fully complete we leave the site clean and tidy and ready for the builder to complete the extension.
Site Address:
48 Park Road, Stratford, London, E15
October 2007
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